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Mountains Are My Muse

For the last week and a half I have been on a spring road trip traveling through Wyoming and Colorado to Taos, New Mexico. While driving through Wyoming and Colorado, the landscapes that we have passed have been truly inspiring and incredible to see. Great wide open spaces followed by towering Rocky Mountains and the endless ebbs and flows of sage, trees, hills, mountains, and sky. Open spaces are so important to me. They have a way of helping you clear your head, making you feel smaller in a great big world full of possibilities.

Its interesting because I get the same feeling when I'm surrounded by mountains, awe-inspired and small in the grand scheme of things. Living in the mountains throughout my life, they have always inspired me to create, to re-imagine in my own way their towering peaks and curving canyons in colorful and abstract ways. Whether wide open spaces or immersed in mountain ranges, nature has a way of pushing the drudgery of everyday obstacles aside and making you realize some of the finer and important things in life. Fresh air, blue sky, and natural beauty all around... all things good for the soul.

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