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A New Type of Canvas

The last couple days I have started and finished painting a cow elk skull. My partner found it in the woods near our house and suggested I paint it. Originally, I was nervous to paint it because I didn't want to "ruin it" with a scene or something that wouldn't look right on the unique shape of it. I was also nervous because its a very different kind of canvas. After months of it sitting on our porch, I finally got the motivation to start on it. I purchased some ivory colored spray paint to create a base coat for the skull. After letting that dry over a couple days, I chose to paint something that I was very comfortable with, an image that I have painted many times over. This helped me in the unsure process of painting on something so different from a piece of flat canvas. Simple, yet colorful, the snowy trees scene I created on the front of the skull turned out well. I'm happy with the result and thrilled to have the skull hanging in a local furniture store in Four Corners near Bozeman, MT.

Here are a couple images of the skull.

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