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Wood Art For A Good Cause

As a local in Big Sky, Montana, I am constantly amazed by how we as a community come together to support another in need. Recently a local fishing guide and personal friend of ours and so many others was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor located on his brain stem. It is so unfortunate that along with the task of dealing with such a shocking diagnosis, the amount of money that must be used to fight and sustain the treatment is unfathomable. A benefit was organized and held on Saturday to help Tim and his wife Lisa with this monetary burden and to support them in any way we can. I was unable to be at the event due to a previous engagement but I was lucky enough to be able to donate a piece of art in hopes of contributing something to the event's silent auction. I was so pleased to find out the piece did very well in bidding and ended up raising $475, all of which go to Tim and Lisa! I'm so happy to be able to help people in this way and to share my love of art with my friends. Cheers to the two of them and their fight to get Tim healthy and back on the rivers that he loves!

The inspiration for this piece came from the beauty of the rivers and nature of Big Sky. The piece of wood I painted on was from a large Douglas Fir tree that my partner milled. A joint effort on both our parts in making the piece, the wood and the art reflect our sincere support for our friends during such a difficult time. As a fishing guide, I had hoped Tim would appreciate my dedication of what he loves in the art.

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